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Deluxe Naturals

Deluxe Naturals 1-LB Pack Elk Antler Dog Chew - Mixed Medium Cuts

Deluxe Naturals 1-LB Pack Elk Antler Dog Chew - Mixed Medium Cuts

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  • DELUXE NATURALS ELK ANTLERS FOR DOGS: The size of each Elk Antler is as described on the product image and each 1-LB Pack Medium contains 1 pound (4 to 5 pieces) medium whole and/or split elk antlers. The Deluxe Naturals 1-LB Pack Medium Cuts Elk Antlers for Dogs are sized for dogs under 40 pounds, such as Australian Cattle Dogs, Beagles, Border Collies, Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels, and others. These chews are a good choice for dogs with variety of chewing habits.
  • RICH IN PROTEIN AND CALCIUM: Nutritional test results show that our elk antler chew for dogs is a rich source of protein, calcium, phosphorus: 38% crude protein, 18% calcium, 9.9% phosphorus, and low in calories and fat. Excellent chew for a dog's teeth and bone.
  • PREMIUM GRADE A ELK ANTLER: Deluxe Naturals only sells the best USA-collected grade A elk antlers for dogs. All elk antlers we sell are naturally shed, which means no harm was done to the animal.
  • PRODUCT OF USA: Natural and full of nutrition, without growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives; No mess, odor-free, long lasting, and cleans teeth.
  • LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We stand behind each of our products with a lifetime guarantee. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our products, You are welcome to contact us (Deluxe Naturals) if you are not satisfied with our products, and we will be glad to make things right with a full refund or to offer a free replacement if no refund is possible.


Dogs chew chews for different reasons. Young dogs chew chews may want to relieve pain caused by incoming teeth. Older dogs chew chews may want to maintain strong jaw muscles, clean their teeth, and to relieve boredom and mild anxieties. So why not trust something clean, natural, preservative-free, and full of nutrition?

Elk antlers are excellent chews for your dog. They’re composed of a bone-like material that regenerates each year, known as “branching out” before naturally shed.

Our chews are rich in calcium, phosphorus, and protein (always good for dog's bone and teeth). Unlike other dog chews available in the market, it is a low-calorie chew and has no growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives. The products are proven to last long longer than most (if not all) non-antler chews available on the market. 

INGREDIENT: 100% natural elk antler

The product is splinter-free so it won’t hurt your dog’s jaw. It’s one of the best natural teeth cleaning chews available. It’s also odorless so you can comfortably give it to your dog in the living room, never any grease or mess so it won’t destroy your fine white carpet! It’s no surprise antler chew always ranks high among best dog foods in dog food reviews.



When you purchase from us, you are guaranteed that:

  • Each and every antler product we offer is safe and naturally shed which means no harm was caused, ever, to the animal it comes from. The collection of the product is maintained exclusively in the United States.
  • Each antler is specially cut, sanded, and sanitized with safe, FDA-approved Ozone (O3) sanitization methods. Our products are sealed immediately after sanitization.
  • Our products are natural and full of nutrition. There are no growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives used in our products.



For the best experience, please remove the antler cut from your pet’s mouth before it becomes:

  • Small enough to swallow -- or
  • Too hard to chew (this will prevent hurting your dog’s teeth).



Because our antler chews are all-natural and unique, the final product will vary, accordingly, in size, shape, weight, density, and hue of color.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
M. E. Lindsay
A very durable treat for my dogs.

I love these antlers because they are durable enough to withstand my dogs gnawing on them for weeks! Granted my pups are small, but still,, they’ve been on the same first two antlers for months actually lol These antlers are no joke! I highly recommend!

Janice Johnson

These are fabulous.I have 2 Frenchies and these keep them happy days.Compared to pet store prices,these antlers are phenomenal. I’m on my second bag and will probably stock up. I got 6 in both bags and they were perfect size for my 2 dogs. They last forever,only because they hide the old ones. I would always watch your dogs to make sure they don’t chew to the point that it becomes a choking issue, but that is something we all as loving pet owners do anyway.Love these antlers ‼️

Kristen Hall
Cheapest bones in longterm

I am reviewing this after having gotten mine a few months ago. My pups are pretty excessive chewers, but they have not even gotten through the 2 bones they are chewing on. It's lasted a long time, but they haven't tired of chewing on them. Way better value for money by buying these every once in a while as opposed to rawhide, beefhide, and bully sticks that get chewed up fast.

Elk antlers break up into bits

I should have done some research into elk vs. deer antlers. Elk are softer so they don't last as long. They also leave debris from the dog gnawing on it. Deer antlers last way longer and any debris that comes off of them either goes into the dog or is so small you don't notice it - at least that's been my experience. I have no complaints about the manufacturer of this product or its quality other than that the natural qualities of elk antlers don't suit my needs.

K. Chang
Brand comparison

Neither of my dogs are extra aggressive chewers, but I wanted to post this picture of the side by side of what my around forty bucks got me from 2 sellers.This brand (Deluxe Naturals) had more split pieces, but also larger girth. Other brand (Big Dog) had more whole pieces but were thinner overall. (8.4oz Red Bull can for scale.)My pups didn't have a preference and were just happy to get a new antler.